Digital Marketing

Case Study

First launched in 2016, madVapes is one of the major players in the vape market in usa. However, a lack of digital marketing investment left the business struggling to protect its position against new competitors. Investing in generating demand and leads on LinkedIn helped the brand to dramatically increase its share of voice among a relevant professional audience, and deliver the pipeline of high-quality leads required for renewed growth.

The Challenge

  • Generate high-quality, relevant professional leads for madeVapes’s eCommerce platform
  • Increase the brand’s competitiveness and share of voice following minimal previous marketing investment
  • Increase awareness and engagement

Why LinkedIn?

  • Proven B2B | B2C content marketing platform
  • Powerful targeting options, including account targeting and targeting by function and company size
  • Integration of LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms with their CRM system

The Solution

  • Targeting of HR and training functions in large enterprise businesses
  • Additional account targeting of high-value opportunities
  • Sponsored Content aligning with key industry issues
  • Personalised Sponsored InMail addressing specific issues for businesses


  • Over 1,500 marketing qualified leads (MQLs)
  • Click-through rate (CTR) of over 8.2%
  • Over 80,000 views of the madVape’s landing pages