Our Expert Team’s Approach to KPI, Keyword Strategy, KD Baseline & Competitor Gap Analysis


Our team is a leading digital marketing agency known for our expertise in driving organic traffic and boosting online visibility for our clients. In this case study, we will explore how our knowledgeable staff approached a project that involved Key Performance Indicator (KPI) analysis, keyword strategy development, baseline analysis, and competitor keyword gap analysis for a client.


The client, a prominent e-commerce retailer specializing in sporting goods, approached our team with a goal to improve their organic search rankings, increase website traffic, and ultimately drive more conversions. They were looking for a comprehensive strategy that would put them ahead of their competitors in the highly competitive online marketplace.


Our experienced team began the project by conducting an in-depth analysis of the client’s existing website and digital presence. We identified key performance indicators (KPIs) that aligned with the client’s business objectives, such as organic search traffic, keyword rankings, conversion rates, and revenue generated from organic channels.

Keyword Strategy & Baseline Analysis:

To develop an effective keyword strategy, our team conducted extensive keyword research using a combination of industry-leading tools and our own expertise. We analyzed search volumes, competition levels, and user intent to identify high-value keywords relevant to the client’s business.

Furthermore, we performed a baseline analysis to evaluate the client’s current keyword rankings and organic search visibility. This analysis provided a benchmark against which future progress could be measured. By understanding the client’s starting point, we were able to identify areas of improvement and set realistic goals for the project.

Competitor Keyword Gap Analysis:

Recognizing the importance of competitive intelligence, our team conducted a thorough competitor keyword gap analysis. We identified the top competitors in the client’s niche and analyzed their keyword strategies to uncover opportunities for the client.

We utilized advanced tools and techniques to compare the client’s existing keyword portfolio with that of their competitors. This analysis revealed keywords that the client was missing out on, presenting an opportunity to gain a competitive edge. Armed with this information, we formulated a comprehensive plan to target these keywords and capture additional organic traffic.

Implementation and Monitoring:

Our team seamlessly integrated the keyword strategy into the client’s website content, ensuring that the targeted keywords were strategically placed to maximize visibility and improve search rankings. We worked closely with the client’s development team to implement technical SEO enhancements that further optimized the website for search engines.

Throughout the project, we continuously monitored and analyzed the client’s website performance, keyword rankings, and organic search traffic. We provided regular reports to the client, outlining progress and highlighting areas of improvement. This data-driven approach allowed both our team and the client to make informed decisions and adjust strategies as needed.


The implementation of our KPI analysis, keyword strategy, baseline analysis, and competitor keyword gap analysis led to remarkable results for the client. Within six months, the client’s organic search rankings significantly improved, resulting in a notable increase in website traffic. The targeted keywords generated a steady stream of qualified leads, leading to an impressive boost in conversions and revenue.  Our expert team demonstrated their expertise in KPI analysis, keyword strategy development, baseline analysis, and competitor keyword gap analysis through their exceptional work on this project. By employing a comprehensive and data-driven approach, we successfully propelled the client’s online presence, positioning them as a market leader in their industry. Our commitment to delivering measurable results showcases our ability to drive organic growth and provide impactful digital marketing solutions.