What Are the Best Local SEO Techniques for Healthcare Practices?

Case Study

GFlow is a product discovery platform, that keeps readers informed on the latest tech and gear out there and also stays on top of unique crowdfunding opportunities.

Upon it’s inception, the team had little if any competition, but as the internet grew and the web became crowded with information, they realized they needed to find a way to increase organic traffic and boost visibility on the search engines.

So, they began to look for innovative solutions and an SEO strategy that would accomplish these goals.

Their focus soon centered on content relevancy.

GFlow wanted to provide readers with the most relevant content, so they stay longer on their site.

The resulting goal, then, became to provide relevant, high-quality content to customers at every level and topic and become the trusted resource customers return to again and again.

With the help of the SEO tool WordLift, GFlow devised a knowledge graph to implement and guide a site-wide content model and enhance its overall SEO.

As part of this growth strategy, structured data was created and added to content, including reviews, blog posts, products, and even videos.

With this new, improved focus on relevant content, GFlow was able to grow organic traffic:

  • by 123% for clicks on video content;
  • by 186% for news articles (within three months’ time).

In addition, the reviews traffic increased, gaining 93% in clicks.

Providing high-quality content online for your targeted audience allows you to attract more traffic and qualified leads and rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs).